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Looking to make yourself even more beautiful that you already are? Well we've picked some excellent sites that can help you with feeling and becoming as beautiful as ever.

Look and Feel Better Fast

Results You Can Expect:

Immediate tightening and lifting
Safe and pain free
Inch loss
Suitable for men and women
Fat and cellulite reduction
Can be used on the neck and chin
Suitable for tightening loose skin after weight loss

Speak to one of our highly qualified advisors in Brighton on 01273 710709 and see if liposuction is for you.

Nature of The Procedure

The patient is admitted on the morning of the operation. Large areas are best treated using general anaesthesia. Small areas can be treated using local anaesthesia and sedation. Small stab incisions (few millimetres) are made at strategic points on the skin surface for the insertion of the cannula.

Once all the fat is removed the incisions are sutured and a specially designed pressure garment is fitted. The length of stay in clinic is usually no longer than one night.

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